Voting For Change

November 5, 2015

 2008, Author: Brian Kusler

These past few weeks have been good ones for immigration patriots throughout the nation. From Governor Pat McCrory’s decision to punish sanctuary cities in the state of North Carolina, to Governor Greg Abbott’s decision to withhold state funding from sheriffs who adopt similar policies in Texas, we have seen a dawning recognition among some officeholders of the dangers posed to the public by criminal aliens who wander our streets unimpeded. However, the most encouraging sign is perhaps the overwhelming defeat of ¬†loathsome-if not criminal-sheriff Ross Mirkarimi in the city of San Francisco.

Coupled with an upcoming ballot initiative modeled upon Kate’s Law, which would do away with the sort of statutes that contributed to the death of innocent people like Kathryn Steinle, we might finally be witnessing a reversal of a decades-long push to turn the Golden State into a domicile for illegal aliens and their enablers. We can only hope that this is a signal of a shift in legislative policy, and work towards the day when we don’t have to mourn the senseless deaths of ordinary men and women victimized by their government’s indifference to American lives.


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