Stolen Lives, November 2, 2015

October 29, 2015


One of the critically important events we’ve highlighted on this site since its inception is National Remembrance Day, a nationwide commemoration of the lives taken by illegal aliens given sanctuary by our nation’s craven public officials. This coming Sunday will mark the 5th consecutive year the lives of these Americans will be honored, and we shall continue to highlight the danger we face if our government does not begin to value the lives and safety of its citizens. 

For a brief overview of what this day is about, and what it means to the families of victims, I would recommend reading Jessica Vaughan’s account of the remembrance held in Massachusett’s last year. In spite of politicians’ singular desire to pander to criminals who come from abroad, and ignore the concerns of their ostensible constituents, we cannot give up our campaign or forget the names of the men and women who make this country what it is.

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