Saving American Lives

October 19, 2015


Dan Cadman, of the Center for Immigration Studies, has written an illuminating analysis of Senator David Vitter’s Stop Sanctuary Cities and Protect Americans Act, which is one of the few pieces of federal legislation whose name accurately reflects its intent. For those who are not familiar with this bill, it is designed to coerce states and localities into abiding by federal immigration law and cooperating with federal law enforcement in matters of immigration law. The death of Kathryn Steinle, among scores of other Americans murdered by criminal aliens who haven’t been detained, should have made the insanity of sanctuary city laws evident.

However, public officials who are beholden to ethnic and corporate manipulators don’t seem to have gotten the message, which is why Senator Vitter’s bill is so urgently needed at this time. The complicity of the Obama administration in this chaos can be seen in the response of Alejandro Mayorkas, the Deputy Secretary of Homeland Security, who is ostensibly responsible for ensuring that our homeland is protected.

Yet even as he facilitates the White House’s election-year drive to mint newly registered Democrats, he has condemned a bill that would protect the lives and ensure the safety of American citizens-and other legal residents of the United States. It’s indicative of how little the powers that be are concerned with life and death matters that this isn’t already the law of the land. It’s also a sign that we need to be more vigilant about whom we elect to high, and low, office at every level of government.

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