Turn Off The Spigot (Action Alert To Stop Refugee Resettlement)

September 30, 2015


As most of you know, Congress does much more than simply ignore this administration’s unconstitutional, illegal executive amnesties. It’s also responsible for funding the federal budget, including such items as refugee resettlement. Once again, this White House has decided to unilaterally rewrite federal immigration policy and expand the number of refugees imported into the United States by 10,000. Your voices-in opposition to this disastrous policy-need to be heard! To that end, Californians for Population Stabilization have created a petition demanding that Congress cut off the funding for this proposal before these Syrian migrants step foot on American soil. 


Thousands of Syrians already enjoy Temporary Protected Status, i.e. indefinite amnesty, as a result of this administration. The war in Syria is insoluble, but we can prevent a host of problems visiting this country in the future through the simple step of Congress saying “no” to Barack Obama and John Kerry.

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