No Papeles

August 29, 2015

English: Specimen of the laminated Mexican CID card (low-security) (front side) A.K.A. Matricula Consular. Author: United States Government Accountability Office (GAO). August 2004.

The issue of valid identification, and the use of fraudulent or compromised documents to access the perquisites of American identity, is something that we’ve explored at length on this site in the past. One of the most prolific means illegal aliens and their families have of embedding themselves within American society is the Matricula Consular, a card issued liberally by the Mexican government to its nationals, ostensibly, living outside of Mexico.

Now some registrars in the state of Texas have brought this issue to public attention once again by refusing to provide birth certificates to illegal aliens from Central America who claim their children were born in the United States. You can listen to a discussion of this issue from Cavuto here.





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