Embroidering The Truth

August 15, 2015


One of the preferred tactics of open borders enthusiasts, when confronted with reality, is to throw out seemingly enticing facts that they believe might sway less informed observers to their historically unpopular stance. An illuminating example of this scenario occurred recently on the eponymous Stossel, a libertarian-minded talk show broadcast by the Fox Business Network. Promoting her latest book, Adios America: The Left’s Plan To Turn American Into A Third World Hellhole, Ann Coulter was flogged with an archetypal pro-immigration tidbit intended to rebut the central thesis of her book. But as the Center for Immigration Studies illustrates, the factoid wielded by John Stossel is not nearly as impressive once exposed to rigorous analysis. 

Like most facts that cheap labor demagogues love to trot out in their unrelenting campaign for the dissolution of immigration controls, this one has more truthiness than truth. Sorry John, as much as I admire your work-generally speaking-you’ve got this one wrong.

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