Beside The Point

August 27, 2015


In light of this week’s made-for-reality-TV contretemps involving professional¬†conflict junkie¬†Jorge Ramos and presidential candidate Donald Trump, we should all look a bit more closely at Mexico’s favorite bilingual propagandist. To that end, I’m providing a link to an illuminating dissection of Ramos and his worldview from the inestimable Steve Sailer. His observations and analysis remain as true today as a decade ago-when this essay was first published-because Ramos’ ideology has remained remarkably ossified in the interim. What’s good for Mexico and Mexican nationals is, by definition, good for the United States because this country is simply an extension of his homeland.

Feel free to debate Mr. Ramos on this point, although I doubt you’ll have much success, based upon my own experience. Debating immigration with an open borders dogmatist, especially one who has a familial investment in perpetuating these disastrous ¬†policies, is akin to debating L. Ron Hubbard’s philosophy with a Scientologist.



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