Beyond Spin

July 11, 2015

Author: Bernard Gagnon 2 September 2008

On Tuesday, we posted a link to a CIS backgrounder by Dan Cadman which demonstrated the necessity of detention to any system of workable immigration enforcement. The brutal murder of Kathryn Steinle proves that our government’s embrace of illegal aliens-and stubborn refusal to pursue their deportation-has tragic consequences for innocent citizens living throughout this country. Today, Mr. Cadman unravels the veil of lies open borders fetishists have tried to erect in order to exculpate themselves from blame for Steinle’s preventable death. In order to understand what’s wrong with the current open door policy towards criminal aliens, you need to go beyond the myths¬†created by individuals who work for the city of San Francisco, state of California, and this administration, which is habitually incapable of telling the truth to the American public about this subject.

These opportunistic cretins have blood on their hands, regardless of what pathetic excuses they now use to shield themselves from responsibility for the needless murder of an American citizen.

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