The Resurrection Of Zombie Trade

June 18, 2015


For the second time in as many weeks, the House of Representatives has approved¬†fast-track trading authority for the President. Although, as we’ve pointed out repeatedly on this website, TPP has very little to do with actual free trade. The next step in this convoluted, jerry-rigged process involves getting the U.S. Senate to sign off on this atrocious bill. Although we’re not optimists by nature-especially when it comes to that particular legislative body-there is still some room for hope. For those of you who’d like to speak out against this travesty, the Electronic Frontier Foundation has provided some fantastic talking points which you might want to peruse. That said, feel free to add grievances not enumerated on their website, such as the inclusion of terrible immigration provisions embedded within its text.

Speak out now, before it’s too late.


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