Why We Fight

May 6, 2015

Last month the intrepid Pamela Geller spoke at my alma mater, delineating the reasons why our freedoms have become captive to an alien, totalitarian ideology-most recently manifested in the attempted jihadist massacre in Garland, Texas. Unlike the bien pensant Chekists condemning PEN for honoring the bravery, honesty and integrity, along with all the other virtues our cultural guardians abhor, of Charlie Hebdo, Pam Geller actually understands the value of standing up for Western civilization and the values it represents. If that civilization is to endure, it’s going to be because of men and women like her and Robert Spencer, not the craven supplicants and toadies who run publications like the New York Times and the Washington Post.

Watch the entire speech for yourself and understand what this struggle is about and why we must prevail.

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