Profiles in Stupidity (The Race To The White House, 2016)

May 20, 2015

Graham-080106-18270- 0005

In a race where the presumptive Democratic nominee is barely distinguishable from the leader of an organized crime syndicate and where her potential Republican opponent is related to George W. Bush, it’s hard to conceive of an especially absurd presidential candidate. Thankfully, Leaping Lindsey has just relieved your imagination of that responsibility by throwing his hat into the ring. Yes, that’s right. The faux-yokel version of John McCain is going to be one of the choices for registered Republicans in the upcoming presidential election.

Like Ben Domenech, I actually believe that Graham’s undoubtedly ridiculous campaign will be fruitful for conservative activists, provided there is a candidate willing to expose how disastrous his philosophy-such as it is-has been for both the Republican Party and society in general. Even with the adulatory coverage this glorified nitwit receives from the press corps, it’s hard to disguise his absolutely stunning ignorance, whether of Mexico or the Middle East.

Don’t change Lindsey. We wouldn’t recognize you.

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