Political Theater (Call Your RINOS!)

April 14, 2015


The battle over Loretta Lynch’s nomination escalated this past week, as the clown car of racial profiteers arrived to contribute their thoughts on Republican opposition to President Obama’s would-be consigliere. It remains to be seen how much mileage Sharpton & Co. will be able to generate out of her delayed confirmation, as even milquetoast cretins like Rich Lowry have recognized the absurdity of confirming someone who has pledged not to abide by the Constitution as the chief law enforcement officer of the nation.

Although a number of feckless GOP senators have already signaled their support for Lynch, Majority Leader McConnell has decided to put the vote on hold, at least temporarily. We can only hope that in the interim, the Bush wing of the Republican Caucus will reconsider the matter. A good start would be reading the bullet points outlined by Roy Beck in an open letter to the United States Senate. The founder of Numbers USA makes a salient point with regard to the regime’s latest lawless amnesty. Namely, that it is not only unconstitutional in nature, but  ruinous to the vast pool of unemployed Americans.

I’m not sure that particular argument will be persuasive to legislators intent on disemploying Americans en masse through programs like the H-1B Visa, although it’s worth hammering home the point nonetheless. It’s also worth contacting those Republican members of the U.S. Senate who have expressed support for Lynch-or who haven’t declared their position-and reminding them of why they were elected in the first place, which probably wasn’t because voters wanted them to participate in the deconstruction of the nation’s legal and political cornerstone.

Let’s give them a subtle reminder:

Susan Collins

Mark Kirk 

Jeff Flake

Lindsey Graham

Orrin Hatch



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