Deep Water

April 20, 2015


Even as the usual suspects beat their compassionate breasts in the wake of the latest drowning of migrants in the Mediterranean Sea, there are some political figures who are willing to speak the unvarnished truth. One of them is UKIP leader Nigel Farage, who has correctly pointed out that it was the Franco-Anglo-American attack upon Libya which spawned  these “tragedies.” Although not entirely responsible for these disasters at sea, it should be noted that bribing the late despot Moammar Gadhafi was a more effective deterrent to these catastrophes than providing Al Qaeda in North Africa with its own reliable air force. 

Personally, I think a much more effective policy than paying the Dane geld to kleptocratic African or Middle Eastern feeder states, or reestablishing the rescue operations that encourage further invasion of the European continent, would be taking a cue from our Founding Fathers. After all, notwithstanding the beatific description of these individuals used by every media organization of note, they are not migrants, they are pirates, and  the destruction of the vessels these ostensible refugees are using before they imperil their own lives and the lives of others would be the prudent course of action. At least, from a rational point of view, which doesn’t seem to prevail among the global brain trust tasked with finding a solution to this problem.

Perhaps we need more ritualistic massacres of Christians by these down trodden migrants before the matter of preemption is raised. I would recommend that Prime Minister Renzi, the head of the Holy See, and others so eager to extend the hospitality of Europe to these uninvited guests read a certain book before proceeding to endorse policies that will undoubtedly worsen an already untenable situation.



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