March 13, 2015


One of the recurring themes of Jeb Bush’s political life is his low estimation of American citizens,¬†especially those of the native-born kind. Whether he’s pontificating idiotically on the fecundity of border-crossers, or disparaging our entrepreneurial zeal, Dubya’s younger brother never fails to miss an opportunity to gratuitously bash the people whose votes he presumably seeks in next year’s presidential election. Although his recent comments pertaining to immigration are not quite as incendiary as some past remarks, they do reveal a mindset which has not evolved in any tangible sense over the past several decades he’s devoted to public life.¬†

Numbers USA has a very astute analysis of Jeb’s White House trial balloon, which essentially consists of belittling the competence and dismissing the aspirations of American workers, albeit in a slightly less obtuse manner than is customary for him. The fundamental problem is that Bush has not reconsidered any of the hackneyed ideas he outlined in the ghostwritten campaign book he co-authored with fellow open borders enthusiast Clint Bolick. Although asking him to recant some of his most cherished dogmas out of political expediency would be an absurd expectation, the fact that he hasn’t seen fit to even question the wisdom of legislative amnesty in the wake of the most lawless and blatantly unconstitutional actions of any White House in recent memory gives you an idea of where immigration patriots stand in the eyes of the GOP’s frontrunners.

We can only hope the pool of Republican presidential candidates appreciates in quality before it’s too late.


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