Make Way For Hillary

March 11, 2015


Although technically outside this website’s purview, I feel compelled to touch upon Hillary Clinton’s painfully uncomfortable press conference yesterday. You can watch it in its entirety¬†courtesy of Fox News, but I would also suggest reading a surprisingly good analysis of the speech published, oddly enough, in the Los Angeles Times. What makes this event, seemingly untethered to the subjects of mass immigration, multiculturalism or citizenship, relevant to us is its demonstration of the mindset of the ruling class.

The contempt for the governing process, as well as contempt for any legal checks upon the exercise of authority, the betrayal of the public trust, the demand of a complaisant news media. Even though these are hallmarks of the Clinton political apparatus, they also exemplify the way the current administration has conducted itself, especially during its second term in office. The way the White House has vitiated the Constitution and usurped powers that haven’t been delegated to it, not simply on immigration policy-which is the most egregious example-but on a host of public policy matters, is unprecedented. At least, within recent memory.

The fact that the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee¬†sees a lack of accountability as one of the perquisites of high office should be troubling to voters. At the very least, it should occasion some serious questions about how the body politic is currently constituted and why the electorate doesn’t view this as posing a problem for republican governance going forward.


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