Super Bowl Sunday

February 1, 2015


Ignore the misleading headline;¬†the actual¬†institutions “tackling” the purported scourge of merchandise unapproved by the National Football League are local law enforcement agencies and the Department of Homeland Security. That’s right, the cabinet-level, taxpayer-funded agency designed to ensure the safety of American citizens is acting as the Pinkerton (agency) for Roger Goodell’s incredibly flush, tax-exempt, legally protected monopoly.

Beyond the dubious assertion of privilege-the NFL has a history of legally threatening small business owners-there’s the obscenity of ICE and CBP allocating extraordinarily scare resources-or so we’re told-to matters which have absolutely nothing to do with immigration enforcement. Is it any wonder that virtually no illegal aliens, in any substantial numbers, are being deported?

If this post seems like a broken record, it’s probably because you remember reading identical complaints in years past. As Mark Steyn has observed, the more the state grows, and the more duties accrue to its subsidiary arms, the less proficient it becomes at managing one of its chief duties, i.e. ensuring the survival of its citizens from foreign threats. There’s no better illustration of this maxim than the transformation of the Department of Homeland Security into the enforcer for the NFL. It’s something to contemplate as you sit down to watch Super Bowl XLIX later today.

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