The Shrill Minority

January 23, 2015

City Council Member Melissa Mark-Viverito speaks to a camera crew at Zuccotti Park, OWS epicenter, in New York on Monday, March 18, 2012. Community leaders and other officials protested the police brutality occupiers faced the week earlier. (NYCity News Service/Dennis O'Reilly)

It seems that the popularity of New York City’s recently introduced municipal ID has exceeded the capacity of our notoriously competent government officials to meet burgeoning demand. Whether issuing tends of thousands of breeder documents to individuals who have a tenuous relationship with observing legal norms is a good idea remains to be seen. However, if  the New Haven experiment is any example by which to judge, we shouldn’t expect salutary results.

No matter. The open borders Mau Maus have moved beyond the small potatoes obtained at the behest of Comrade Wilhelm and his ethically-challenged lackey and are aiming for even bigger prizes, as our friends at The Silent Majority No More  remind us. Just as the repeated legislative rebukes from Congress did not deter those seeking to eradicate immigration enforcement and controls, so too does our local branch of the treason lobby refuse to relent.

 Those who hope to gain…will know no rest by day or night. Those who hope to gain…have agents everywhere, who descend in swarms on the electorate, urging the voters that sound and enlightened patriotism calls for the success of their modest proposal. In contrast, the individual who is threatened with losing [a small amount of money through taxation]-even if he is fully aware of what is afoot-will not for so small a thing forego a picnic in the country or fall out with useful or congenial friends, or get on the wrong side of the mayor or the prefect. In these circumstances the outcome is not in doubt: the spoiliators will win hands down. 

Something we in the patriotic immigration reform movement should keep in mind as we plow ahead.

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