Keep Out The Bushes

January 25, 2015


It’s no surprise that George W. Bush’s younger brother decided to skip the Iowa Freedom Summit this weekend. The notion of someone who can barely disguise his contempt for American citizens and workers sharing the same stage as Congressman Steve King is fairly preposterous, once you stop to think it over. Instead, the former governor of Florida decided to give a rousing endorsement of mass immigration to a group of car dealers, yes car dealers, in that bastion of American conservatism, the city of San Francisco. Dripping with condescension, the speech was an almost parodic distillation of the fatuousness we’ve come to expect from the Bush family, vis-a-vis public policy recommendations. The sort of exercise in vapidity you would expect from someone whose circle of advisors doesn’t extend far beyond the cabinet of the last Republican President named Bush. 

One way to avoid humiliation at the hands of those benighted conservatives who populate Republican primaries is to join forces with the only other presidential candidate with as deep a familiarity with the culture of entitlement and political privilege as the scion of George H.W. Bush. That’s right, Hillary Clinton. Although being the sidekick to Bill Clinton’s wife would probably not be his first choice, it would be a suitable match for someone who’s moved past this whole Americanism thing.

Good luck trying to sell your message of illegal alien exceptionalism, Jeb. I’m sure the folks in Ames will be eager to hear it.




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