The Glorious Mosaic

December 22, 2014


Western civilization, after half a century of unrestricted immigration from the Islamic world, has become a platform for enterprising jihadists, as this very abbreviated list of Islamic terror attacks illustrates. Although most of those murdered by Muslims come from the third world-including predominantly Muslim nations-admirers of global terrorist networks like the Islamic State and Al Qaeda have not relented in their quest to spill the blood of infidels on Western soil, as the most recent jihadist assaults in France make clear.

Unfortunately, the ostensible leaders of Europe refuse to acknowledge the destructive capacity of both multiculturalism and unfettered immigration. Even going so far as to condemn patriotic citizens who want to preserve the Enlightenment values that forever transformed their continent. Europe is once again undergoing a radical transformation, although I suspect this time it is returning to a state of affairs resembling the worst aspects of the Dark Ages. Therefore, the title of one of Mark Steyn’s more recent works seems to be apt in a number of ways. Lights out indeed. 


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