Breaking The Bank

December 30, 2014

President Barack Obama bids farewell to the family of Mexican President Felipe Calderon following their meeting in Mexico City, Thursday, April 16, 2009. Author: Pete Souza, White House photographer

The cost to implement Barack Obama’s unconstitutional administrative amnesty continues to grow. Even though the price might appear paltry by the accounting standards of a spendthrift federal bureaucracy-it’s not their money, after all-the true measure of what this President’s reckless actions have extracted from us as a nation can only be quantified in the years and decades ahead, as millions of illegal aliens exploit the vast patchwork of government social programs at the state and national level, saddling taxpayers with an even greater burden than the one they currently labor under. The millions of Americans who can’t find gainful employment, the citizens who will be forced to pay for the welfare and lifestyle of intruders-both old and new-in perpetuity, and the nation whose laws will further resemble those of a third world banana republic are all potential consequences of the President’s decision-and the supreme timorousness of his ostensible political opponents.

What’s most troubling though is that there are consequences to this disastrous plan which simply cannot be foreseen, in large part because so much of it is shrouded in mystery. Whether this is by design or merely another manifestation of this administration’s staggering, Carteresque incompetence-and willingness to put political opportunism above statecraft-is an open question. However, what can’t be disputed is that, despite misleading press reports by glorified White House stenographers to the contrary, we are in uncharted territory.



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