When K Street Comes Calling

November 19, 2014


As we pointed out on Monday, one of the few viable options for Republicans seeking to stop this administration’s unlawful, patently unconstitutional expansion of its policy of wholesale amnesty is withholding congressional funding. Of course, what would a sensible proposal for reining in the imperial presidency be without a GOP leader doing his best to thwart it? In this case, that individual is Appropriations Committee chairman Hal Rogers, who is floating an absurd proposal to enact all of the President’s funding requests, including those which would facilitate his latest unlawful quid pro quo for undocumented citizens

 To add insult to injury, it appears that one of the major donors to Mr. Rogers has a huge financial stake in the enactment of any mass amnesty, which would include the printing of scores of work permits. Here’s a link to a page where you can get in touch with Mr. Rogers, in a neighborly fashion, of course, and express any concerns you might have over this unsettling coincidence.

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