Justice For All

November 30, 2014

Just a reminder that the nation’s sheriffs, tasked with enforcing the laws which our president continues to eviscerate, will be rallying against the latest imperial decree in Washington D.C. a week from now. You can read the complete letter by Sheriff Thomas Hodgson here. Sheriffs Against Amnesty is just the latest illustration that, contrary to the misleading bullet points issued by open borders spin doctors, law enforcement is overwhelmingly opposed to sanctioning-let alone, endorsing-the presence of illegal aliens in this country. Which shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone who’s been paying attention to the latest horrific crime to be visited upon innocent American citizens.

We urge you to contact your own police commissioner or sheriff and request that he or she join the effort to nullify the President’s latest unlawful, extraconstitutional edict, just as those charged with enforcing and applying immigration law have done, in spite of the potential professional repercussions.

Ours is a nation of laws, despite what the former lecturer in Constitutional law currently occupying the White House may think.

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