Just Say No

November 9, 2014


The Republican leadership, whomever it happens to be at any given moment, never fails to disappoint Republicans, even those who have become accustomed to watching the GOP work as the eager handmaidens of their ostensible political opponents. That’s why the threats to delay the nomination of Loretta Lynch ring so hollow, and provide no reassurance that there is a genuine opposition party in Washington D.C. What’s more, even if the political maneuvering by Senators Lee and Cruz is sincere-and they are two of the more commendable lawmakers in a legislative body that’s mostly beyond contempt-there’s no guarantee that the rest of the Republican caucus, especially its more loathsome members, would cooperate with their plan.¬†

There is every reason to believe that a sufficient number of Republican senators will support the nomination of someone just as bad-and most likely just as willing to flout the law she’s charged with enforcing-as the departing Attorney General. That’s why the American people, especially those Americans who are represented by these pusillanimous officials, need to exercise their rights and demand more of the people they entrusted with the most solemn and important of duties. Call them to account, and insist that they join Senator Sessions and his colleagues in refusing to assent to the confirmation of anyone who ¬†supports this President’s lawless, unconstitutional immigration policy.

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