Going Rogue

November 13, 2014

Seal of the White House Office of Homeland Security, which was formed by executive order on October 8, 2001, and later grew into the United States Department of Homeland Security. Extracted from archived version of White House State and Local actions for Homeland Security report. Author: U.S. Government

The details, however nebulous they may be at the moment, of the President’s imminent evisceration of immigration law have now become public. First reported by Fox News, republished by the New York Times, the scope of his latest Executive amnesty could encompass anywhere between 3 and 7 million illegal aliens, most of whom would be invested with criminal immunity in addition to being given working papers, because as we all know, employment is plentiful. The gall required to so boldly disregard constitutional law-even by an administration well-versed in the exercise-is so shocking that it has already occasioned sarcastic reactions on our favorite social media network. 

Sadly, the actual Republican reaction to the White House’s ongoing decimation of what remain of federal immigration law has been nothing short of anemic, with only Senator Jeff Sessions waging any sort of counterattack against an administration that seems to have no compunction about brazenly breaking the law and cloaking its violations in the garment of open borders sanctimony. Despite the economic and cultural consequences of this disastrous policy of political expedience, he doesn’t seem to have that much support in Congress for substantive resistance. We can only hope that changes in the Congress to come. 

Otherwise, as the inimitable John Derbyshire has been known to lament, we are doomed







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