Profiles in Radicalism (La Raza’s Man In Washington)

October 15, 2014

One of the more interesting races to watch this November will be the Texas gubernatorial contest,  which features the dream candidate of feminist progressives, State Senator Wendy Davis. Although a fundraising dynamo and icon for those who support expansive access to abortion, the chances that she will actually emerge victorious from this race are increasingly negligible, as self-inflicted wounds doom a candidacy that many already considered-with some justification-a hopeless cause.

Even as the Davis boomlet evaporates, however, the project to turn Texas blue proceeds apace. A key part of that plan involves the national political aspirations of a man our readers are familiar with, current Hud Secretary Julian Castro. Despite having a resume as thin as that of the man who appointed him-which might work to his advantage in a presidential race if the past is any guide-Secretary Castro has an extensive record of making incendiary comments on the subjects of race and ethnicity. Naturally, for an ambitious Democratic politician, Castro espouses the usual litany of open borders cliches that have become old hat by this point in time. However, the reasons behind his support for the demographic transformation of this country have never been explored by a news media eager to promote the aims of a young, telegenic, Chicano politician who supports open borders policies.

That’s why the piece written by Charles Johnson for comes as such a welcome relief. An antidote to the tireless and tiresome propaganda from the usual bloviating heads, this essay describes in excruciating detail-using Julian Castro’s own words to damn him-why he is an unabashed radical devoted to the anti-American goals of La Raza. We urge you to read it all!




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