The Mujahideen Take Manhattan

September 20, 2014

 Image courtesy of tmdrdd

More in-depth coverage of the terrorist cavalcade which took place in Midtown last week, courtesy of our good friends at The Silent Majority No More. While some large news networks overseas have seen fit to cover the orgy of violence-besotted jihadis who marched in this parade, albeit with the requisite sophistic denials from  its Muslim spokesmen, the absence of coverage from our own drive-by media of the more unpleasant elements of the Religion of Peace is striking-although not surprising.

Congratulations once again to Urban Infidel, Pamela Geller, TSMNM and all of the intrepid bloggers, journalists, and patriotic, anti-sharia freedom activists who risked their safety in order to inform the American public of this growing domestic threat!

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