Open Borders Deception

July 15, 2014

One of the most flagrant exploitations of current immigration law, which we’ve explored at length in the past, is the abuse of the H-1B Visa system by large corporations eager to secure a cheap, pliant labor force. That the chief financiers of the amnesty push in Congress are high-tech magnates like Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg should come as no surprise, given the fact they stand to reap all of the benefits yet none of the costs that will be incurred through the naturalization of 15-20 million unskilled foreigners in this country illegally. 

Despite the incontrovertible proof that there is no dearth of American STEM graduates, the clamor for this singularly bad piece of legislation by men who want taxpayers to insure their profitability has not abated. That’s why the work of Senator Jeff Sessions is necessary. Last week he convened a conference call, which  you can listen to above, exploring the failures of the federal government to properly police the H-1B program being used by numerous companies to disemploy American computer programmers and highly-skilled, fairly compensated workers in the tech industry. The insights provided by experts like Ron Hira and Norm Matloff are an antidote to the agitprop of the likes of Zuckerberg and Gates.

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