Refugee Resettlement: The Case Of Tennessee

February 14, 2014

Don Barnett, speaking at the Penn Club of New York

Picking up on our previous post, dubious refugee claims tax not only  innocent Americans seeking to avoid becoming the latest victims of international terrorism, they also put an enormous burden upon state and city financial coffers. A perfect illustration of this phenomenon can be found in the state of Tennessee, which has been the unfortunate recipient of thousands of refugees who have been resettled in an environment which is wholly alien to them.

Don Barnett, whose expertise on this subject was gained while working for the U.S. State Department and who now works as a fellow with the Center for Immigration Studies, explored this issue in an illuminating op-ed for the Tennessean, which I highly recommend. The costs of amnesty are potentially astronomical, and looking at the burden placed upon a single state is a good way of crystalizing just how much it will impact the lives of ordinary American citizens. 




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