Push Back (Resist The Amnesty Avalanche)

January 31, 2014

 The amnesty cave-in by House Republicans is in full effect. Daniel Horowitz outlines exactly how they plan on surrendering what remains of American sovereignty and debasing citizenship in his latest Red State blog entry, which is worth reading in its entirety. Roy Beck has an in-depth dissection of the House leaders’ policy proposal for immigration reform, i.e. amnesty, as well, which is slightly more nuanced.

The colossal stupidity of their current course is obvious, but it evidently won’t deter Boehner et. al. from committing collective political suicide. The only thing standing in the way of the naturalization and enfranchisement of tens of millions of illegal aliens is the American public, which still steadfastly opposes amnesty and ranks its passage somewhere below the war on bed bugs in terms of national political imperatives

The time when we can force the hands of the pathetic representatives who ostensibly represent the Republican Party is almost past, but we still have some time to make our voices heard. It’s time to repeat the rout of 2007



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