Narco Nation

December 27, 2013


We’ve explored the extent of influence that narco-traffickers exercise over the Mexican criminal justice and political systems on this website in the past. While the fear that the Sinaloa cartel and Los Zetas have instilled in ordinary Mexicans, as well as the journalists who ostensibly cover their atrocities, is manifest, the influence they have upon the broader culture within Mexico-as well as Mexican-Americans living in border states-is sometimes neglected. 

That’s why Narco Cultura is such a fascinating film. A documentary that explores the popularity of singers of narco-corridos, a relatively recent phenomenon drawing upon traditional Mexican balladic forms, it provides a window into one of the more disturbing pop cultural phenomena in recent memory. While some are quick to dismiss the import of their popularity, the fact is that these songs represent a gruesome reality. One which is encroaching upon the world of ordinary Americans, and will do so even further if the current push for mass amnesty is success



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