We Are America (Stand Up Against Amnesty)

August 4, 2013

We’re in the midst of one of Congress’s periodic vacations, and no one seems to be talking about the elephant in the room. Namely, the drive by the open borders lobby  to eradicate substantive immigration enforcement  in this country. Even as Tan Man attempts to force amnesty through Congress in order to placate his base, i.e. corporate donors, patriotic citizens throughout the country are mobilizing to demonstrate their opposition to the sellouts engineering this amnesty.


You can find out what they’re up to by clicking on the link below the fold:

We Are America Tour
The Black American Leadership Alliance announces, the “We Are America Tour” – a series of rallies held on September 7th, encouraging House members in their localities, to do their part in stopping the Senate’s massive push for amnesty. We support these Congressmen and urge them not to succumb to pressure from open-borders and amnesty advocates. Please help us draw attention to the important role these Congressmen can play in stopping this dangerous amnesty bill.

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