Perverting The Law

June 26, 2013


We’ve documented extensively on this site the dysfunctional nature of our nation’s immigration courts. They face endemic problems that are made much worse by this administration’s willful disregard of the law and penchant to rule by executive edict, making any appointments to the immigration bureaucracy-however competent-all but irrelevant. The latest amnesty bill only exacerbates a problem that is already debilitating to our system of immigration enforcement by investing unlimited discretionary power in the hands of Janet Napolitano, who will have the ability to effectively nullify any application of this law that she feels to be too punitive.

The potential consequences of this bill are catastrophic, and we have a dwindling amount of time to prevent it from being enacted into law. We hate to sound like a broken record, but we feel compelled to remind you to call your senators! This is the decisive week before Congress adjourns for its summer break, and it is imperative that you make your voice heard among the elected officials who continue to obstinately ignore the will of their constituents.





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