Mr. Morton Goes To Congress

March 16, 2013


And proudly declares that his job is to serve the political interests of this administration, and facilitate the legalization of millions of illegal aliens. You thought it was to enforce immigration law? Silly you! No wonder the people working beneath him have no confidence in their boss. The ostensible purpose behind the testimony of John Morton, as well as other muckety-mucks within ICE leadership, was a hearing by the House Committee on Appropriations. While he and his deputies-as well as most members of the committee, unsurprisingly-wanted to focus on the latest attempt by the federal government to greenlight the strip-mining of American citizenship, the pesky of issue of criminal aliens being released into the general population kept rearing its ugly head.

Whether it’s Cook County refusing to honor ICE detainers-and releasing violent, criminal aliens from prison-or this administration’s imposition of a domestic Mariel Boatlift on unsuspecting  citizens, the political class has made its contempt for the American public abundantly clear. The corresponding campaign by this administration and its apparatchiks-particularly John Morton and his deputies at ICE-to present Obama’s plans for amnesty as a fait accompli-in spite of the law-makes a mockery of this agency’s name.



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