Say “No” To Rubio

February 24, 2013

Marco Rubio_amnesty_timeline_2-15-2013

The Federation for American Immigration Reform is at the forefront of documenting the manifold problems caused by our government’s sustained policy of mass immigration. Therefore, it’s not surprising that it was ahead of the curve in arguing against the amnesty proposal floated by the Gang of Eight.

Like the last wholesale legislative amnesty enacted in 1980s, universally acknowledged as a grand failure, this recycled concept is being advocated by leading members of the Republican Party, the most prominent among them being Senator Marco Rubio. Senator Rubio’s rapidly changing perspective on this issue is illustrated by a timeline charting his evolving stance, which you can view by clicking on the picture above.

FAIR has taken it upon itself to create a petition-you can sign here-which allows you to voice your opposition to the politically opportunistic actions taken by Republicans such as Rubio in the wake of last year’s electoral defeat for the GOP. Even as the Republican Party leadership seeks to resolve its political problems by compounding them, the majority of Americans¬†continue to hold views that are diametrically opposed to those espoused by the amnesty caucus. Show that you agree with them by heading over to FAIR’s website and making your voice heard.



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One Response to Say “No” To Rubio

  1. Susan Escalante on February 24, 2013 at 9:36 PM

    The US does not need to give legal standing to the illegal aliens living in the US. We need to enforce our laws, stop giving birthright citizenship to babies of illegal aliens and severely punish employers. Allowing illegal immigration to continue unchecked for decades has created a heavy burden taxpayers are hard pressed to support. We are paying B’s in border security for what purpose? Executive fiat or amnesty has become the way to deal with all of them. It’s hypocrisy to create laws to deal with an issue then ignore those laws because it doesn’t fit your agenda. For once do what’s right for Americans. We deserve it since it is us who pays your very large salary.

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