Waxing Crescent

February 17, 2013

A realistic exploration of the lengths to which Islam has encroached upon cultural norms and expectations in Europe was aired by the Christian Broadcasting Network last year. The incompatibility of Islamic dogma with freedom-as it’s commonly understood in the West-has been explored by writers like Mark Steyn and Christopher Caldwell many times over. The fact that many European nations are in the throes of a demographic death spiral, with future generations being replaced by immigrants imported from third world, overwhelmingly Islamic nations, only exacerbates the problems discussed in the CBN report above.

The problems in Europe will eventually become the problems of the United States, open borders sophistry notwithstanding, the only question is when they will manifest.   Whether we will ever see critics of Islam imprisoned expressly for their views, in effect, a reinstitution of the crime known as blasphemy, is  still to be determined. However, the fact that this administration-including outgoing Secretary of State Hillary Clinton-has done everything in its capacity to apologize for the values embedded in our 1st Amendment and exercised by American citizens is a disturbing indication of where we are headed politically.

If current immigration trends continue-and there’s no reason to expect they won’t-expect similar behavior by future administrations, especially if our leaders are politically rewarded for such pandering. France is a cautionary tale in this regard, as the election of Francois Hollande was constructed in large part from the votes of millions of (Muslim) North African and Asian immigrants, as well as their children.

Today’s immigrants are tomorrow’s rulers.

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  1. blob on February 17, 2013 at 9:58 PM

    the only way to stop islam is too struggle to fight back

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