Flout All The Laws!

June 18, 2012

With Senator John Cornyn now calling upon Eric Holder to resign, and a contempt citation in the offing, the chorus of voices demanding accountability from Barack Obama’s Department of Justice seems to have reached a critical mass. At the very least,  it has caused the current Attorney General to yield to Chairman Darrell Issa in at least one bureaucratic skirmish, although as the American Thinker points out, this  gambit might very well be simply another move in an orchestrated campaign of obstruction of justice on the part of the current administration.

Another reason for the illusory cooperation on the part of Mr. Holder might be the willingness of Justice Department employees to come forward as whistleblowers and refute the falsehood that gunwalking was not linked to the disastrous Fast and Furious operation which resulted in so many deaths, including that of Border Patrol agent Brian Terry.  We can only hope that these truth-tellers fare better than Vince Cefalu, a career ATF agent who was fired once he publicly voiced criticism of Project Gunrunner.

Whatever comes of the latest confrontation between Congress and a recalcitrant Department of Justice, one thing that is certain is that this administration will not looking be for guidance in the Constitution. After all, as even its liberal supporters acknowledge, President Obama does not like following the law. Bully for us!

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