Baltimore Illegals Demand Double Standard

February 26, 2012

The city of Baltimore joined the federal Secure Communities program this week. Illegal immigrants and their supporters are upset because now they are more likely to face deportation for breaking immigration laws. They are further upset that increased scrutiny of immigration status will make them more likely to be victims of crime themselves, because now they and their neighbors will be hesitant to contact the police:

“The police here are friendly. They patrol the neighborhood often. I’ve never had a problem,” Rivera said from behind the counter of the store, an upbeat ballad playing in Spanish in the background. “But now, with this law, someone could be killing and robbing me and I wouldn’t call the cops.”

American Rattlesnake is amazed at the notion that people want to enjoy the benefits of living in this country, and to be protected by our laws and police, but resent the  enforcement of those laws when it is inconvenient to themselves.

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