Shop Honour on Cyber Monday

November 28, 2011

I’m keeping the unique spelling in deference to the European sensibilities of Mrs. Ayaan Hirsi Ali, apostate, courageous fighter for human rights the world over, and founder of the AHA Foundation. As many of you might know, perhaps through the dogged coverage of this issue  on Atlas Shrugs, the epidemic of honor killings has reached Western shores. In fact, they have even taken place in our own backyard. Perhaps the most outrageous example of this atrocity being the tragic story of Aqsa Parvez.

That’s why I’m asking you to entertain Ayaan Hirsi Ali’s great idea, which combines the desire to take part in the commercialism of Cyber Monday with the goal of stopping the persistent abuse and degradation of Muslim women living in what should be freedom. 100% tax deductible, it beats the heck out of buying your Christmas gifts at Bath & Body Works. Buy something for the person you love, and honor the women whose lives are imperiled because they’re standing up for their honor.

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