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October 21, 2011

The past few weeks have seen a flurry of important news stories that, unfortunately, we haven’t had the opportunity to address at any length on the pages of American Rattlesnake. In our periodic news roundup, we’ll cover everything from the latest embarrassment to befall Governor Hair to the mystery that is the location of notorious Mexican drug warlord, El Chapo.

But first, we tackle the burgeoning scandal known as Fast and Furious, which has already claimed an untold number of lives on both sides of the border and continues to unravel, despite the best efforts of the Obama administration to obstruct congressional investigations of rogue DOJ and BATF officials. The U.S. Senate has unanimously adopted an amendment authored by Senator John Cornyn that would prohibit Congress from funding future gunwalking operations. The chairman of the House Oversight Committee and the ranking member of the U.S. Senate Judiciary have written a letter to FBI Director Robert Mueller, asking him to account for the discrepancy between what DOJ “sources” told the press and what an official DOJ report revealed about Agent Brian Terry’s death. Based upon the history of obstruction of Congress relating to any investigation of Fast and Furious, I wouldn’t expect Senator Grassley or Congressman Issa to receive a definitive answer any time in the near future. Finally, documents obtained by CBS News-which has done an exceptional job covering Executive malfeasance that much of the mainstream media seems intent on ignoring-demonstrate once again how deeply entangled Attorney General Eric Holder is in the Obama administration’s multifaceted gunwalking debacle.

Department of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano has begun to implement the vast adminstrative amnesty set in motion by the Morton Memos. In keeping with the administration’s strict policy of rewarding lawbreakers-but only if they came here from another country-the illegal aliens who have been amnestied will be able to work at jobs  that those 14 million Americans who are unemployed apparently won’t do. And what will these newly empowered non-legal residents need to do in order to cause the immigration bureaucracy to reconsider their statuses? Not much, according to Chris Crane, the president of the union representing ICE officers who has revealed the Obama adminstration’s policy of not apprehending felonious, criminal aliens. All self-serving press releases to the contrary, ICE leadership is systematically dismantling immigration enforcement in a brazen example of political expediency.

On the heels of news that the world’s most-wanted fugitive, and head of Mexico’s most powerful drug cartel, has an inamorata who’s birthed two children on American soil, Mexico’s current El Presidente has insinuated that “El Chapo” Guzman may in fact be living in the United States himself. Although I doubt that’s the case, considering the open borders policies of this administration, it doesn’t surprise me that some are making the allegation.

The most recent GOP presidential debate gave immigration analysts plenty to chew over, especially on the issue of border fencing. While Michele Bachmann-the best candidate on this issue who has thus far emerged-reiterated her promise to construct a double fence on the Mexican border, Mitt Romney emphasized the priority of interior enforcement, and cutting off the access illegal aliens currently have to jobs within the United States. Some of those jobs, of course, once involved landscaping Governor Romney’s estate, as was made clear once again by his inadvertent gaffe during the debate. Rick Perry, of course, opposes any sort of obstruction to illegal ingress for Mexican border crossers, but that stance was not what made headlines this week. No, the truly stunning revelation involved a plane chartered by the Perry campaign that had been used by Mexican drug smugglers in the past. Although it doesn’t appear that Rick Perry or his campaign was aware of the illicit use to which the plane had been put, it does certainly present bad optics for a presidential candidate whose lax stance on illegal immigration has already been rightfully skewered by his opponents.

Finally, our least-favorite incompetent New England governor/all-around nitwit is back in the news. Lincoln Chafee, proving once again that political nepotism is never a good thing, has given an interview to a local news station where he declares that his sanctuary state policies will not attract more illegal aliens to Rhode Island. As you can see by watching the exchange, his assertion is not very convincing. Perhaps Canada had the right idea after all.


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