October 28, 2011

Most of you who are regular readers of American Rattlesnake are aware of our continuing focus on the plight of Border Patrol Agent Jesus Diaz. Now, it appears that Agent Diaz has been convicted and given a two year prison sentence for arresting a fifteen year-old, illegal alien drug smuggler. This prosecution, and ultimately conviction, was undertaken by President Obama’s Justice Department at the behest of the Mexican government-a government that does not recognize our border and encourages its nationals to break our immigration laws-through its consulate in Eagle Pass, Texas. This occurred after Agent Diaz was cleared of any wrongdoing by both DHS’s Office of Inspector General and ICE’s Office of Professional Responsibility, but these exonerations were not enough to satisfy an administration that is intent upon dismantling any and all attempts at securing our southern border. 

The statement issued by the National Border Patrol Council-the union that represents the 17,000 non-supervisory Border Patrol agents in the United States-illustrates the deeply ingrained hostility exhibited by the Western District of Texas when dealing with cases involving Border Patrol agents. The fact that we even have to discuss this issue after the abuse of prosecutorial discretion in the cases of agents Ignacio Ramos and Jose Compeon-another instance of our government abandoning dedicated law enforcement officials in order to sate the blood lust of the Mexican government-is evidence of how skewed the priorities of the Executive branch remain.

One of the few bright spots about Agent Diaz’s conviction-if any can be found in such a heinous miscarriage of justice-is the realization that it will put a spotlight on the case of a man wrongfully prosecuted, one who should have been lauded for doing his job correctly, not persecuted by time-serving bureaucrats who could care less about protecting ordinary American citizens. For more information about how you can help spread the word about this ongoing travesty of justice, I suggest you visit the Law Enforcement Officers Advocates Council, which has been instrumental in speaking out on behalf of Agent Diaz during this tumultuous time.

We can’t let an innocent man be punished for the unthinkably craven and misguided policies of the federal government.


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