Operation CYA (Gunwalker In The News)

May 23, 2011

Although I’ve been neglectful in highlighting  recent important developments in the Gunwalker scandal, I’d like to make up for this oversight with today’s update. First of all, I have to congratulate CBS News for being one of the first, and by far the most persistent, of mainstream media outlets to report on the unfolding debacle known as Fast  and Furious.

Just to refresh your memory, that is the name of the disastrously ill-conceived program run by the ATF, and approved at the highest levels of the Justice Department according to agents speaking anonymously to CBS, which involved allowing Mexican gun-runners and narco-terrorists to get their hands on high-powered assault weapons and to transer them into Mexico. In a fascinating article published in this weekend’s Wall Street Journal which looks at who’s responsible for the increase in violent, gun-related crime in Mexico, government spokesmen claim that this operation was simply a means of entrapping high-ranking members of notorious Mexican drug cartels. Even though prominent space is given to proponents of gun control, such as the Brady Center For Handgun Control, Inc., and ATF administrators who have a vested interest in absolving themselves from responsibility for the ongoing bloodbath in Mexico, in the very same issue there is a column that wholly refutes the notion of widespread gun-trafficking rings operating inside of the United States.


The real issue is not unscrupulous gun dealers or gun owners exercising their 2nd Amendment rights, it’s the government attempting to deflect blame from some of the officials who are now in the hot seat for aiding and abetting Mexico’s most notorious drug cartels. And as this illuminating Examiner column by Jim Kouri points out, that seat is getting increasingly warm for Attorney General Eric Holder, who has been a staunch foe of the Second Amendment since his tenure in the Clinton administration Justice Department.

Border agent Brian Terry’s life-which might very well have been taken with a gun supplied to the Zetas from this gunrunning operation undertaken by the ATF-can’t be restored. However, let’s ensure that his death was not in vain, and demand accountability from our nation’s public officials and the law enforcement agencies they oversee.

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