The Ghost of Elliot Spitzer

March 26, 2011

 I was one of several individuals to publicly testify against the program initiated by former New York governor, and current lackluster CNN host, Elliot Spitzer to grant driver’s licenses to illegal aliens residing in this state. The governor was eventually forced to abandon this plan, but not before thousands of these licenses were dispensed by the Department of Motor Vehicles to people whom we could not trace.

Now comes news that a state senator from Harlem has decided to reintroduce this idiotic-and potentially catastrophic-plan, combining it with a host of other measures that would invest illegal aliens living in New York with rights and privileges to which they are not entitled. Read the entire article in The New York Times, which should give you an idea of the audacity of his plan.

Not only would, conceivably, tens of thousands of illegal aliens be unleashed onto the roads, but many thousands more would be eligible for statewide jobs they are currently banned from holding, this at a time when our unemployment rate tops eight percent! Of course, Senator Perkins and his allies don’t care about the millions of New Yorkers who are unemployed or underemployed, or the fact that this law is patently illegal and violative of numerous federal immigration regulations and statutes. And why should they? Our President has devoted all of the federal government’s substantial resources and power waging war against the one state that’s tried to enact some small measures aimed at stemming the invasion from our ostensible ally, Mexico. The idea that the Justice Department would come down on New York State for flouting federal immigration law is strains credulity.

Yet the current administration is merely following in the footsteps of its predecessors, who have failed to enforce numerous laws relating to immigration in the past, including the 1996 law  that expressly prohibits some of the actions the open borders dogmatists in the State Senate now advocate. Illegal aliens living here are already operating under a de facto amnesty, virtually immune from deportation and also eligible for discounted, in-state tuition-which is denied to American citizens enrolled in New York colleges who come from another state. Allowing them to further exploit the opportunities provided by a lax immigration enforcement system would only exacerbate the plight of ordinary New Yorkers.

If this bill becomes law, expect to see the illegitimate Matricula Consular I.D. card to become a valid form of identification in this state, and opportunities for criminals and potential terrorists to multiply. That is why it must be stopped before it ever reaches that stage; and the only way to stop it is for ordinary American citizens in this state to put the brakes on this ill-conceived plan. We’ve done it before, and we can do it again.

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