Terror Time Bomb

March 29, 2011

A very disturbing article was published in the Houston Chronicle yesterday revealing the sharp increase in apprehensions of illegal border-crossers from terrorist-designated nations over the past 17 months. Although the tone of the article would lead you to believe that Islamic terrorists aren’t attempting to exploit our porous southern border, nothing could be further from the truth.

Despite the protestations of a predictably dreary open borders professor, and the ostensible lack of followup charges in most of these cases, there is in fact a determined effort by Muslim jihadists of various stripes to infiltrate this nation from Mexico. A case in point is the Tunisian Muslim cleric whose brief detention the article alludes to in passing.

Said Jaziri was picked up by Border Patrol agents close to San Diego at the same time as the uprising in his native country was occurring. And despite the fact that he wasn’t charged with any criminal acts, it has been irrefutably proven that he shares many of the same beliefs as Al Qaeda agents that have gone on to maim and murder American citizens. Furthermore, the assertion that there aren’t Islamic terrorist groups who are seeking to exploit our sieve-like border with Mexico is demonstrably false. Although Al Qaeda might not have penetrated our southern neighbor, the presence of Hezbollah-an equal, if not greater, threat to our nation’s security-has been revealed in case after case.

Kudos to Professor Carol Swain, a tireless champion of American citizens and foe of illegal immigration, for highlighting the danger presented by the gaps in our country’s border security and immigration enforcement regime. We can longer afford to look at this situation as merely a problem of “undocumented workers” from Mexico ┬ástriving to improve their forlorn lives. The longer we continue to dwell upon this delusion, the less time we’ll have to prevent the next Millennium Bombing plot from being carried out.

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