For Better Or Worse

October 27, 2010

There are so many delicious aspects to this story, which reinforce so many pre-existing stereotypes, that it’s hard to unpack it all at first. Here you have Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, an unabashed advocate for opening our borders and investing illegal aliens with all sorts of ┬árights and privileges-including citizenship and college education-hiring a woman of Latin American descent specifically for the purpose of exploiting identity group politics-a recurring theme during his campaign for re-election-who has now been fired for perhaps committing egregious criminal violations in order to sustain a sham marriage to a potential Middle Eastern terrorist!

Perhaps Senator Reid’s personnel choices would elicit a more negative reaction from his Democratic colleagues if he were to break ranks with the open borders caucus in Washington D.C., since criticizing our dysfunctional immigration system and offering concrete solutions to address the problem are grounds for public censure, as former Democrat and Suffolk County Executive Steve Levy discovered. Somehow, I doubt Ms. Tejada’s indiscretions will command denunciations on par with those directed at Mr. Levy for his apostasy on the immigration issue.

Then again, we can always hope.

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