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October 24, 2010

In lieu of the Daily Rattle, today I’ll bring you a brief compilation of some of the more important news stories involving the great immigration debate.

  • Former Virginia congressman Virgil Goode pens a fantastic piece for Human Events, which explores the underreported attempt by amnesty advocates such as Senator Robert Menendez to force the issue, yet again, during a lame duck session of this Congress. He also focuses upon the steps Republicans need to take in the next Congress to not only thwart bad legislation-such as the DREAM Act-but to enact positive, immigration enforcement and limitation laws. A must-read for anyone interested in the battle ahead!
  • The race for governor of the state of Colorado, which we’ve covered extensively on this site, is heating up as we head into the home stretch of this election cycle. While some polls put former congressman and immigration reformer Tom Tancredo behind Denver mayor Tom Hickenlooper, others are showing the two candidates in a virtual dead-heat. Either way, the fact that Congressman Tancredo has managed to wage such an effective third party campaign should put to rest the myth of a Pete Wilson Effect.
  • An interesting piece in Politics Daily about one of our favorite politicians, Hazleton mayor Lou Barletta, who is looking to unseat Democratic Congressman Paul Kanjorski this November after running two previously unsuccessful races against the well-entrenched incumbent. Even though he’s expanded his platform significantly, Barletta is not backing down from his courageous stand against illegal immigration.
  • And finally, in a slightly sillier  vein, it appears that Canada’s absurdly liberal refugee system-whose failings we’ve documented extensively on this site-will redound to the benefit of sporadically employed, frequently medicated actor Randy Quaid, as this analysis of his bizarre asylum claim in Maclean’s explores. Let’s hope Mr. Quaid is shown the courtesy regularly extended to suspected Tamil terrorist and TB-afflicted stowaways.

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