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September 26, 2010

For those of you who have followed the recent spectacle of the Tamil vessel that docked in Canadian waters, you’re well aware of the increasing weariness many Canadians have expressed over their nation’s extremely liberal refugee/asylum policies. Now comes word that many of these newcomers will be entitled to health benefits that exceed those granted to native Canadians.

The question is, how will this impact Canadian public opinion? Although the open borders lobby would like you to believe that Canadians monolithically support greater immigration, the truth is that most of the country, including its most populous province and political nerve center, are incredibly dissatisfied by the immigration policies set in Ottawa.

However, the fact that Canadians don’t want mass immigration has done virtually nothing to alter the political elite’s conviction that the policies generating problems like the Tamil boat people should be continued in perpetuity. Much like the media and political establishment in this country, the Canadians who crafted these policies are safely insulated from the most harmful consequences of their shortsighted decisions. The good news is that most Canadians have begun to realize that the era of unrestricted immigration and open borders needs to come to an end.

For some great insight into why Canada’s immigration policies are so problematic, I refer you to my favorite Canadian think tank, The Fraser Institute, which has done some outstanding research in this regard.

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