Miss America

July 31, 2010

I don’t care if she ultimately wins the crown, to me Arianna Afsar represents this country beautifully.  She is a former American Idol contestant recently crowned Miss California.

Proof that there is intellectual heft to beauty pageant contestants, and that some of  the people who get what this country is about are the children of legal immigrants. Here are the money quotes from Miss California. First, about her view of amnesty proposals currently before Congress:

“I think that people who want to be a United States citizen need to come over here legally in order to get the privileges that every American receives,” said the 18 year-old, during a webcam interview with NBCLA.

And then, about the journey her parents took toward American citizenship:

“It ended up taking him 10 years, but he did it legally,” said Afsar. “I don’t think that if you are close to the border that you have the right to be given the rights of a United States citizen.”

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