Riot In The Streets Of Berkeley

April 17, 2017

Downtown Berkeley. The Oakland – San Francisco Bay Bridge and the San Francisco downtown can be seen in the background. PowerBar headquarters are visible in Downtown Berkeley. Looking from the Berkeley Hills westward. California, US

Update: Dan Sanchez wonders: Is it good for liberty? 

Apparently, the revolution will be televised. And tweeted. One of the more interesting comments in response to this article compares the idleness of Berkeley cops to a South American soccer riot that overwhelmed local police officers. Coming nearly 2 months after more destructive riots in the same city-initiated by antifa in order to prevent Milo Yiannopoulos from speaking-it’s not a hyperbolic analogy. Concerns about overly aggressive policing aside, it makes you wonder what the purpose of a police force is if it cannot prevent citizens from being assaulted in the middle of the day.

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