There Is No Alternative

September 5, 2016

Konrad Adam, Frauke Petry and Bernd Lucke Author: Mathesar April 14, 2013

A few days ago we published a piece explaining then necessity of removing Angela Merkel from the levers of power in Germany. Even as the tentacles of George Soros attempt to brainwash Europeans into complaisantly accepting the ongoing invasion and subversion of their continent, the fact remains that it is European leaders-specifically Merkel-who are responsible for this unprecedented catastrophe. The only way to begin to solve this monumental problem is through the eviction of the woman chiefly responsible for its creation.

That’s why the stunning loss of Merkel’s CDU in home state-and its eclipse by the pro-German, anti-Islamist, just right Alternative for Germany-is such welcome news. Even as the usual organs for self-annihilation make the case that things are not as bad as they seem, the truth remains that this is a stunning rejection of their culturally suicidal ideology. Germans are tired of playing host to violent, frequently murderous, Islamic refugees. They’re sick of hearing stories justifying the sexual emergencies of Muslim pederasts. They’re aghast at the impunity with which Muslim rapists indulge their wicked appetites throughout their country.

This weekend’s election result is simply the latest confirmation of something which most rational human beings already knew. Namely, that the natives are restless. It’s time to recognize that the Visegrad Group was and is absolutely right, and that Angela Merkel’s time-after a decade and  half in which she has irrevocably altered her country for the worse-has drawn to a close.


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