From The Head Down

August 7, 2016


As if we needed a reminder that the Augean Stables of our federal government need to be cleansed from top to bottom, this week brought news of an FBI agent encouraging a would-be Muslim assassin in the days leading up to the jihadist assault on Garland, Texas. I’m not one prone to conspiracy theories, but combined with the acknowledgement that Pamela Geller, the primary target of this assassination attempt, has not been contacted by law enforcement authorities in the wake of this latest development, you have to wonder what exactly is going on in Quantico.

We have a Justice Department which refuses to indict a woman who’s probably committed grievous crimes simply because she is the wife of a former President and the current nominee of the Democratic Party. An individual whose negligence-or malfeasance, if we’re being less frank-not only compromised national security, but may have led to the execution of an Iranian nuclear scientist. We have an FBI which believes it did its job by closing the file on Omar Mateen after concluding that his contacts with a suicide bomber had been minimal.  We all remember what that brilliant casework led to, don’t we?

Of course, we also have an Attorney General who believes that the solution to domestic jihadist networks and terrorists-which we have in every single state, for those of you who are keeping track-is to prosecute those who have the audacity to hurt Muslim feelz. We have a Department of Homeland Security which views right wingers, i.e. anyone to the right of Andrea Mitchell, as a greater domestic threat than ISIS, even as our government welcomes scores of refugees who might turn out to be actual terrorists.  Now it turns out that there are FBI agents who believe it’s within their purview to incite those whose sole job is plotting the deaths of critics of Islam.

I have some unpleasant news for the people reading this. Barring a monumental change, this is not going to get any better. In fact, contra The Weekly Standard’s stable of pro-Hillary shills, it will likely get much, much worse. The rancid corruption you’ve seen from the Obama administration and the Hillary Clinton campaign is merely a foretaste of what’s to come if the American public doesn’t wake up very soon. The Democratic Party nominee embraces the imposition of blasphemy laws-protecting only one religion, naturally-upon free men and women in the United States. She blatantly and persistently lied about who was responsible for the attacks on the American consulate in Benghazi, Libya, and endangered the life of the filmmaker who committed the crime of not genuflecting before the most intolerant religion on the planet.

If you thought the Obama administration was corrupt, hostile to free speech, and unable to come to grips with the threat posed to our civilization by Islamic ideology, then you’re not going to like what the next 4 years have in store for this nation. America needs to wake up and realize that there are bigger threats to our future than a candidate who makes uncharitable comments about sleazy Muslim immigration lawyers with whom the media is enamored. Otherwise, we have some unpleasant years ahead of us.




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